More resources needed to enforce no-fault evictions ban


Legislation going through Parliament would bar renters from being ousted without reason, with councils accountable for imposition

UK councils will require more employees and capital to effectively impose the ban on no-fault evictions in England, local authorities have cautioned.

Legislation going through Parliament would bar renters from being ousted without reason, with councils accountable for imposition.

The Local Government Association (LGA) welcomed the changes but stated councils would struggle to police them appropriately.

The government said it would completely fund any additional costs for councils.

Under the Renters (Reform) Bill landlords would only be able to remove renters in England under specific situations, including when they want to sell the property or when they or a close family member want to move in.

In case they do so, they would not be permitted to let their property again for three months.

Infringing the new rules would carry a fine of up to £30,000.

Darren Rodwell, the housing spokesman for Local Government Association, said “every council I’m aware of” had a shortage of environmental health officers and tenancy relations officers, who probe potential offences regarding private rented housing.

New regulation is necessary, and we welcome it, but we should ensure that we have the appropriate financial package to be able to impose and deliver it, he told the BBC.

Rodwell, who is also the Labour leader of Barking and Dagenham Council in London, added that there were “still some unknowns” about how councils would fund enforcement “with the limited resources we have currently”.

Councils can keep any revenue from civil penalties, with this ring-fenced for more enforcement activity.

Nonetheless, Rodwell added that fines did not always cover the cost of probing infringements.

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