Londoners increasingly anxious about rising energy bills

rising energy bills

The strain on Londoners’ wellbeing also showed 57 per cent have experienced increased levels of anxiety and stress due to the cost of living crisis

Almost sixty per cent of Londoners are increasingly anxious about rising energy bills, with millions eating less healthily and staying in more to save cash.

The human impact of the cost of living crisis continues to deepen, with new figures exposing a deep generational dive between young professionals and over-65s.

The data, published by Personal Finance Society (PFS) and conducted by Deltapoll, shows a quarter of residents in the capital have a worse diet than before, compared to a fifth among the rest of the UK.

This comes after the ONS said last month the cost of supermarket had skyrocketed, with 30 basic items having increased on average by 17 per cent. Inflation is at 10.1 per cent, while interest rates are likely to have an eight consecutive increase on Thursday.

Rising bills has also forced Brits to pull back on luxuries in life, with half of Londoners polled buying fewer takeaways, 19 per cent having cancelled holiday plans and almost 50 per cent staying in more, to save cash.

The strain on Londoners’ wellbeing also showed 57 per cent have experienced increased levels of anxiety and stress due to the cost of living crisis.

Residents of the capital are four per cent above the national average, while almost 25 per cent of Londoners said they’d experienced tensions at home due to rising bills.

This poll shows that the British people are struggling to cope not just financially, but mentally with rising bills, said Caroline Stuart, president of the Personal Finance Society.

More people are experiencing depression and anxiety whilst eating less healthily and going out less. There is now a risk of turning a cost of living crisis into a public health crisis too, she said.

Calling for more access to financial planners to manage money, she said this can help ‘weather the storm, ease the burden, take back control of their money and plan for the future’.

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