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No Longer a Beginner Investor? An Intermediate Guide to Furthering Your Education.
If you’ve had an ISA, SIPP or online investment account for some time now, you probably have good grasp of the basic principles that underpin achieving consistently solid average returns from a long term investment strategy.

Educating yourself is key to making the most of your investments but most stop after an initial burst of enthusiasm. This guide is an action plan for how, without a big time commitment, you can go about educating yourself beyond beginner level, and give yourself the knowledge and tools that can help you boost your portfolio’s returns and protect it against a market downturn.

Topics covered in this Guide

  • Geographical Diversity
  • Rebalancing Your Portfolio for a Market Correction or Ahead of Retirement
  • How Interest Rates Affect Investment Classes
  • What’s My Target Portfolio Value? Getting the Size of Contributions Right
  • Educational Resources for Intermediate Investors: Books and Blogs

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