Inheritance Tax – A Guide To Preventing Your Legacy Being Cut By 40%

Inheritance Tax


How much of your hard-earned estate stands to be lost to inheritance tax before it reaches your beneficiaries? In this guide we’ll explain the ins and outs of how and what inheritance tax is charged on and the mechanisms available to you to minimise losses for those you choose to leave your wealth to.

Perhaps the greatest motivation of all of those that inspire us to work hard throughout our lifetimes is the impulse to provide for our families. Yes, personal comfort and security is usually what gives us that first impulse to accumulate wealth. But for many, if not most, as we mature, personal interest gives way to taking care for those closest to us.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Exactly how inheritance tax works.
  • The different exemptions and reductions to the basic 40% rate that are available.
  • Specialist investment vehicles that are inheritance tax free.
  • and How you can best take advantage of those based on your own personal circumstances to structure your finances in a way that minimises the inheritance tax that your beneficiaries will miss out on.

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