A Guide to Tax Efficient Investing via EIS/SEIS

Tax Efficient


Brexit may not be showing the British government in the best of lights. But if there is one thing a succession of chancellors have shown admirable competence in it is encouraging savings and investment. A selection of tax efficient ISA and SIPP wrappers have been introduced and annual allowances gradually raised and new freedoms introduced to give British savers and investors choice and autonomy. But here our focus is on another tax incentivised government investment scheme, or rather, two separate but closely connected schemes – EIS and SEIS.

EIS stands for ‘Enterprise Investment Scheme’ and SEIS ‘Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme’. Both offer huge tax-leveraged incentives to investments in qualifying UK start-ups high-growth younger companies. Appropriate for sophisticated and high net worth investors, and therefore not so widely promoted as tax-saving investment structures as the mainstream ISAs and SIPPs, EIS and SEIS are not as well known.

Topics covered in this Guide

  • What are EIS and SEIS?
  • Qualifying Criteria
  • Key EIS qualification criteria summary
  • Key SEIS qualification criteria summary
  • EIS/SEIS Tax Relief Explained
  • Choosing a Winning SEIS or EIS Investment
  • Conclusion

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