June 14, 15 most common days to apply for credit cards

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The data was taken from Intuit Credit Karma’s platform, as households prepare to go on summer holidays

June 14 and 15 were the most common days last year for people to apply for credit cards and loans, according to a credit information firm.

The data was taken from Intuit Credit Karma’s platform, as households prepare to go on summer holidays.

Credit Karma is a US multinational personal finance firm. It has been a brand of Intuit since December 2020. The firm operates in the US, Canada and the UK.

More than a quarter (27%) of people are expecting to book a last-minute summer holiday, as per a OnePoll survey in April for Intuit Credit Karma, with a fifth (22%) of people believing they can get a better deal by booking a trip at short notice.

Around a quarter (23%) said they will be paying for their summer holiday using a new or existing credit card or loan.

There may be alternative options for some people to consider instead of going into debt, such as using savings. Those considering credit card options may also want to compare deals which offer 0% interest on purchases for a certain period, making sure they can clear the debt before the introductory zero-interest period ends.

Holidaymakers may also be able to lower their up-front holiday costs instead of taking out credit, perhaps by comparing flights from different airports or considering alternative, less popular destinations which are located close to a more desirable holiday hotspot.

Akansha Nath, GM (international) at Intuit Credit Karma, said: Before applying for a card or loan, make sure you can meet repayments so you can manage your debt wisely.

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