78% of older voters feel ignored by politicians

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A survey suggests that there is an opportunity for whoever forms the next government to show they understand the needs and priorities of older voters

As the final days of the election campaign draw near, baby boomers are speaking out. According to a new survey of 66- 88-year-olds conducted by JL Partners for Churchill Retirement Living, an overwhelming 78% of older voters feel taken for granted by politicians of all stripes and are calling for a dedicated Minister for Later Living to address their unique needs.

The survey suggests that there is an opportunity for whoever forms the next government to show they understand the needs and priorities of older voters. At the moment, when asked which party would be best to handle issues relating to older people – from financial security to medical care – don’t know / none of the above are the top responses.

The Conservatives still have the edge on Labour on financial security, whereas Labour are more trusted on social and medical care and good quality housing.

It also found that the Conservatives have lost just more than half (51%) of 66–80-year-olds that voted for them in 2019.

It showed that 27% of 66–80-year-olds plan to vote for Conservative, 20% for Labour and 18% for Reform UK.

Among 66–70-year-olds things are even more competitive: Labour and the Conservatives are neck-and-neck on 23% of the vote, Reform UK just behind on 21%.

Spencer J. McCarthy, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Churchill Retirement Living, said: The next government must urgently rethink Westminster’s relationship with older people – starting with the appointment of a dedicated Minister for Later Living.

An ageing UK population, along with a creaking NHS and insufficient housing provision is creating a perfect storm for a demographic so often cruelly forgotten by policymakers. A dedicated Minister for Later Living should be briefed to act on the links between all departments to put older people front and centre, he said.

He added: The government’s election campaign has been criticised for concentrating on policies that will apparently appeal to older people, like National Service, protecting Brexit, a lack of new house and stopping the boats but this research indicates the cut-through simply has not happened.

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