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People in Kent warned of scary telephone scam

People in Kent are being warned of a new terrifying scam currently sweeping the United States – and is set to hit the UK.

Scammers have been calling people and asking “Can you hear me?” when someone answers the phone. Answering “yes” to this question could make you a victim of a terrible scam. The con-artists record you saying “yes” and then edit it to make it sound like you authorised a major purchase.

CPR Call Blocker, makers of the bestselling call blocking device in the US and UK, is urging the public in Kent to hang up if their phone rings and someone asks “Can you hear me?” as their answer to this simple question from an unknown caller could make them a victim of a scam. CPR Call Blocker has seen this scam rise in frequency in the United States and say it’s just a matter of time before fraudsters start using it in the UK.

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