Green investment could save millions of jobs

Green investment

Across the UK, government and private investment in green infrastructure could create more than 1.2 million green jobs within two years

Jobs lost during the Covid pandemic could be replaced in Barrow within two years, according to research.

Analysis from Green New Deal UK found that investment into green infrastructure, energy, research and development, digital infrastructure and social care in Furness could not only replace all jobs permanently lost this year, but also provide 329 jobs more within just two years.

These findings have reflected the 32,607 jobs to be created in the east of England over the next two years.

Across the wider UK, government and private investment in green infrastructure, energy, research, and development (R&D), digital infrastructure and social care could create more than 1.2 million green jobs within just two years and over 2.7 million jobs in ten years.

Hannah Martin, co-executive director of Green New Deal UK, said: Every day people are losing their jobs and struggling to find work due to Covid-19.

At a time when we need to rapidly decarbonise our economy and build resilient future industries which will allow people and planet to prosper, having so many people out of work makes no sense. We have so much work to do to build the future we need, but we must see proper government investment to kick-start that green jobs revolution, Martin said.

Our data shows the huge potential for green jobs in the UK, providing millions of good jobs in every part of the country, she said.

The data and analysis from Green New Deal UK challenges pre-existing notions of what constitutes a green job, including work in sectors such as care which have a relatively low environmental impact and which the UK can use.

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