Card payment glitch revealed at Tesco

Shoppers at Tesco’s 300 Express stores report debits from their banks weeks after shopping

In a case of card payment glitch, shoppers at Tesco’s stores are being urged to check their bank statements as it emerged that the grocer had been taking some payments months after charging customers. Many of those who have used the supermarket giant’s stores in recent times reported money leaving their accounts weeks after shopping.

It took several months for Tesco to process payments made by thousands of customers at 300 of its Express stores. The chain’s card payment system did not fully process the transactions made on credit and debit cards since November, resulting in a delay in money exiting accounts. Some customers complained they had been charged for multiple shops all at once which means hundreds of pounds potentially leaving customer’s accounts.

Tesco said that it has proactively contacted “as many affected customers as possible” about the issue. One Tesco customer said that she was both shocked and horrified to find out Tesco had taken three months to put through contactless transactions. These said transactions range from November 2017 through to January 2018. Nothing was indicated on her online statements as to pending payments and the Tesco has now presented her with the bills after nearly three months. The customer said that she run a tight budget and the grocery chain has now told her that there are nine transactions that were not processed correctly and that they will take them all out now. A customer who received a letter about the issue from Tesco, added that taking nearly two months to send a letter out is a bit too long. He said that he called them to express his inability to pay it all at once as this will take him overdrawn, he was told that the money will come out of his bank in the next few days.

A Tesco spokesperson said as soon as the company identified the issue, it contacted as many affected customers as possible and it has now processed all incomplete transactions. The issue has now been resolved and regretted any inconvenience it may have caused to customers.