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Banks will not quit France if France leaves the euro, says Marine Le Pen

Investors will not pull their money from France if it leaves the euro, according to Marine Le Pen, the far-right presidential candidate who pledges to call a referendum and restore the national franc currency if elected.

In an interview on Sud Radio and TV channel Public Senat, Le Pen said that, if elected on May 7, she would open talks with the rest of the European Union and organize a referendum within six months.

“At the end of the six months, it will be the French people who decide,” she said, adding that this would allow France to see the outcome of elections in Germany and Italy too.

“There’s so much liquidity in the world that they are not going to pull their chips out of France, above all when France will once again be back on the road of economic growth,” said the leader of the anti-immigrant, anti-European Union and anti-euro National Front party.

“They are worried because they know they will no longer be able to make the profits they made previously”… The world has changed and that’s what’s worrying them. The world is moving away from free trade and laissez faire policy.”

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