A Guide to Tax Efficient Investing via EIS/SEIS

a guide to tax efficient investing via eis seis


EIS / SEIS – Most investors have that dream of the ‘home run’ investment somewhere at the back of their head. The one that they saw the potential in, took a risk and made a fortune. Similarly, most never actually make the golden goose investment that returns the initial investment capital several times over.

Successful private investors take a sensible approach to risk when making their investment decisions and that, unfortunately, usually means that spectacular gains are not really a probable outcome. Experienced stock market investors will often allocate a small part of their portfolio to high risk/high reward companies.

Traditionally this would have meant newer, smaller companies that have gone public and listed on the stock exchange or companies on the AIM exchange, the alternative market with looser criteria than the full LSE.

Topics covered in this Guide

  • What are EIS and SEIS?
  • Qualifying Criteria
  • Key EIS qualification criteria summary
  • EIS/SEIS Tax Relief Explained
  • SEIS
  • Choosing a Winning SEIS or EIS Investment
  • Conclusion



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